Umorismo unix per inutipedanti geekkioni


Imparate a memoria queste stringhe unix e raccontatele all’abbisogna a mo’ di barzellette, ridacchiando tra voi modello muttley in acido 😀

% rm meese-ethics
rm: meese-ethics nonexistent

% ar m God
ar: God does not exist

% scan for <<“Arnold Schwarzenegger”^J^D
“Arnold Schwarzenegger”: << terminator not found

% How would you rate Quayle’s incompetence?
Unmatched ‘.

% ^How did the sex change^ operation go?
Modifier failed.

% If I had a ( for every $ the Congress spent, what would I have?
Too many (‘s.

% make love
Make: Don’t know how to make love. Stop.
% why not?
why: No match.

% sleep with me
bad character

% got a light?
No match.

% man: why did you get a divorce?
man:: Too many arguments.

% ^What is saccharine?
Bad substitute.

% %blow
%blow: No such job.

% (-
(-: Command not found.

$ PATH=pretending! /usr/ucb/which sense
no sense in pretending!

$ drink matter
matter: cannot create

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